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Contact: Jmruckman@gmail.com

Joanna is an artist, designer, and educator.  She creates art to further social justice, anti-racism, and human rights. She works to create art respectfully and conscientiously, in her belief that the process is more meaningful than the product. Her current projects aim to disrupt mainstream mentalities, amplify traditional wisdoms and mentalities, and to create beauty.

Joanna utilizes a wide variety of artistic tools in her work. As an anti-disciplinary artist, she explores an endless diversity of media, and weaves elements together with a designer’s mentality. Her works include murals, printmaking, public and social engagement, documentary film-making, and sculpture.

She is currently an Artist in Residence at KALA Art Institute. She teaches digital imaging courses in the Multimedia Arts Dept. at Berkeley City College. She designs and prints for at political actions and in public spaces with SFPoster Syndicate.

Joanna received my MFA from SFAI and earned a BA in Visual Arts and Cultural Anthropology from Brown University.


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