Hair Stories

Hair Stories free participatory Recording Booth at SFAI Fort Mason, November 10-11.

About Hair Stories

We are birthed into a body, family, culture, place and time. Hair is an intimate extension of our being. In the performance of identity, hair carries great significances. And hair is perhaps the most malleable part of our body.  

Hair Stories is an ongoing, interactive portraiture and oral history project which considers the rituals and meanings embodied in hair. The project illuminates the intersections of human experiences through the lens of female hair cultures.  It is a platform for women and gender nonconforming to share individual perspectives and hair experiences, and to be invested in the process of listening. Hair Stories interviews cultivate a culture of care and respect around a woman’s body and the stories she carries.

Our conversations are archived by Storycorps in the Library of Congress in the American Folklife Center. Listen  HERE


Hair Stories free participatory Photo Booth at SFAI Fort Mason, November 10-11.

The Hair Stories Portrait Series is invitation for the viewer to participate in art, inverting the gaze upon ourselves. By seeing oneself from the back, participants gain a perspective from which we rarely see ourselves, but are often seen. These hair portraits narrow our visual identity down to shape and texture. The simplification creates a space to consider how each of us stereotypes others based upon appearances.

Hair Stories Portrait Series

Hair Stories Mobile Photo Booth

Hair Stories Salon Chair Listening Station

 Hair Stories public art installation for Radical Beauty (June-August 2018)


Listen to the stories on the HairStories archives or upload your own interview on our Storycorps Archive HERE