Hair Stories


I am a white woman unraveling my racial identity and the myriad of individual perspectives in our American culture. Hair Stories is an interactive record, exploring women’s hair as a cultural crossroads of identity, race, traditions and stereotyping.  I invite women to sit face to face, one on one, in real time and space, and share their experiences with hair. In this open platform, we witness the oral histories of our heritage as women, transitional and transformational moments in our personal stories and interactions. This project considers the politicization of hair as it can be used to divide and categorize people, and how through sharing our stories and histories of identity, we can work to build solidarity with empathy and understanding.

Our conversations are archived in the Library of Congress in the American Folklife Center. Listen to the stories on the HairStories archive via Storycorps HERE


Listen to the stories on the HairStories archive on Storycorps HERE