Hair Stories


My art practice informs and educates a search to define my whiteness, and considers the intersections of cultural identities visible on our bodies through carried histories. As a mother raising a biracial daughter, I am specifically interested in female hair cultural lineages and storytelling through adornment. My practice considers race through the lens of hair, perhaps the most malleable part of our bodies.

Hair Stories, an ongoing interactive portraiture and oral history project, is a platform and container for women to share individual hair experiences and perspectives. Slowing down to listen and create this archive, intentionally and methodically, has become a foundational part of my practice.  I examine publicly constructed whiteness and my internal and external relationship to race.

My Hair Portraits present a perspective from which we rarely see ourselves, but are often seen. They strip down visual identity to the shape and texture of self. Accompanied by audio recordings, I invite the presence of an absent body through listening.

Our conversations are archived in the Library of Congress in the American Folklife Center. Listen to the stories on the HairStories archive via Storycorps HERE


Listen to the stories on the HairStories archive on Storycorps HERE