Our work as part of a neighborhood mural project organized by the Unity Council in Fruitvale. A collaboration with Adán Gutierrez-Gallegos on International Blvd at 34th in Oakland, CA, 2020.

Mural for Gianna Floyd “Daddy Changed the World”, at Feathered Outlaw in Alameda, CA 2020. (Collaboration with Adán Gutierrez-Gallegos)

Read a our interview about this mural here

Mural on Tot Tank storefront, Alameda, CA 2020 (Collaboration with Adán Gutierrez-Gallegos)

“Women of the Resistance” Balmy Alley, SF, CA 2018 (Collaboration with Mujeres Muralistas, SFPoster Syndicate, and Lucía Gonzalez-Ippolito)