“Solidaridad/ Solidarity” mural was created as part of a neighborhood mural project organized by the Unity Council in Fruitvale, CA in the Summer of 2020. I designed the imagery in collaboration with my artner, Adán Gutierrez-Gallegos, and we painted it on International Blvd at 34th in Oakland, CA. The featured quote by Gabby Rivera was included with her blessing, in both Spanish and English.

This is a mural, “Daddy Changed the World”, is dedicated to Gianna Floyd (George Floyd’s daugher). Originally painted at Feathered Outlaw in Alameda, CA 2020, and currently lives at the Art Garden in the Taylor Lot of Alameda (Taylor Ave @ Webster). It was painted in collaboration with Adán Gutierrez-Gallegos.

Read a our interview about this mural here

Mural on Tot Tank storefront, Alameda, CA 2020 (Collaboration with Adán Gutierrez-Gallegos)

“Women of the Resistance” Balmy Alley, SF, CA 2018 (Collaboration with Mujeres Muralistas, SFPoster Syndicate, and Lucía Gonzalez-Ippolito)