How can art support social justice?

A donation to ACLU = this beautiful print sent to you (or your loved one)! Prints are available for immediate shipping on a sliding scale starting at $35 and up.

This print is a reproduction of our 2020 mural depicting Gianna Floyd and her powerful quote “Daddy Changed the World”. The final breath of her beloved father, George, was taken by police officers on May 25, 2020, sparking a tangible surge of awokening across the U.S. The image surrounds Gianna with symbols of protection, and embraces her with the innocence every child deserves.

Donations go directly to the ACLU (America Civil Liberties Union), who have been defending social justice in America for 100 years. (Learn more

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This screen print edition, created in collaboration with Adan Gutierrez-Gallegos, is part of a portfolio project responding to Langston Hughes’ poem, Harlem (also called A Dream Deferred). Learn more here.

After weeks sewing a load of COVID-19 masks for healthcare workers, I started to get creative! These are becoming my newest series, “White Masks”.