White Masks

White Masks: Ruff, 2020
Machine lace, linen, ribbon, cotton threads
Dimensions variable (Approx. 8” x 14” x 1”)

The mask is an armour, providing protection from things we fear. It conceals aspects of internal worlds from public worlds. Among our mass systemic inequities and the centering of whiteness, who has access to what kinds of masks?

White Masks, a series of visceral, surreal sculptures, imagine how the masks of whiteness look and feel. Whiteness is simultaneously elegant and monstrous, familiar and abject, embodied and denied. 

For myself, it has become time to face these masks.

White Silence, 2020
Needle lace collar, heirloom gloves, linen, pipe cleaner, elastic, cotton.
Dimensions variable (Approx. 10” x 16” x 1”)



White Masks: Braids, 2020
3M R-95 mask, wool, hair, hair ties, cotton.
Dimensions variable (Approx. 30” x 10” x 6”)